Luxury Leather Desk Journal, Medium, Rosewood, “Kingfisher”


A medium (A5) desk journal featuring sustainable paper, genuine leather in a beautiful rosewood colour, and a nature themed illustration of a Kingfisher sitting on a branch, applied by hand in matte black foil.

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  • 300 pages (600 sides) of sustainably produced, fountain-pen friendly paper
  • Handmade Italian Endpapers
  • Satin ribbon bookmark in a deep forest green
  • Hand sewn silk endbands in earthy red and forest green
  • High quality, vegetable-tanned buffalo leather in a beautiful rosewood
  • Hand dyed black accent stripes at each of the book’s hinges
  • Matte black foil, carefully applied by hand

Hard bound by hand using carefully sourced materials, this book is based on a binding structure that was originally patented in 1799. Designed to cope well with high usage and to open flat for ease of use, these bindings are robust and attractive.  They’re a great choice for Desk Journals, guest books, and ledgers.

The leather is a beautifully tight-grained buffalo with an elegant lustre; and as a vegetable tanned by-product of the meat industry, it has a relatively low impact on the environment*. Its mop-polished finish provides an attractive and resilient layer of protection without sacrificing its natural characteristics. Cut, pared, moulded and decorated by hand, this leather has been handled with respect and care at each and every stage of the binding.

Inside, you’ll find handmade Italian endpapers, beautifully printed with a traditional Florentine pattern. The smooth white pages are a high quality paper that is light weight (85gsm), fountain pen friendly, and comfortable to write on. Certified archival and acid-free, and boasting an impressive environmental profile**, this paper has been carefully chosen to promise a long life for your work without compromising the health of our planet.

Recommended Media

Fountain, Cartridge, and Dip Pens; Inks
Everyday Pens, e.g. ballpoints, rollerballs, gel pens
Drawing Pens, e.g. pigment liners


218 X 165 X 50 mm (Slightly larger than A5)

Care of Your Book

With careful handling and storage, your book should need no further care than the occasional wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust. I do not recommend using any cleaning products, leather treatments, waxes or polishes. You can visit the Care & Storage of Books page for more information on how to look after your purchase.

Additional Information

This book has a noticeable aesthetic flaw: the lower edge of the text block (the book’s pages) slipped during trimming, & it’s not straight or square as a result. There is also a small reddish mark on the same edge. You can see this in the 9th (final) photo, above. This is highly unlikely to affect the life of the book – but as it’s below my usual standard, I’ve reduced the price accordingly.

May not be suitable for young children.

Contains the following animal products: beeswax, buffalo leather, silk.

* As compared to more commonly available chrome tanning processes which, in most cases, are hugely detrimental to both the environment and the life of the leather.
**More information about the sustainability of the papers that I use.