Large Leather Notebook, green, “Snake’s Head Fritillaries”


This sage-green luxury notebook is hardbound in genuine leather. It features an elegantly-recessed original illustration of Snake’s Head Fritillaries, drawn by hand in gold foil.

Slightly larger than A4 in size.

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This large notebook is hardbound in genuine sage-green leather; and finished with a double-recessed, hand-tooled illustration in bright gold foil. The illustration shows a small clump of Snake’s Head Fritillaries (fritillaria meleagris) in grass.  Two of the flowers have the plant’s typical checkerboard pattern, whilst the third is largely plain – representing the white form of the flower.  At the bottom right of the illustration there are a few newly-emerged Dusky Cranesbill leaves (geranium phaeum).

The book is based on a binding structure that was originally patented in 1799, and was a popular choice for stationery binding in Britain and Germany until the middle of the 20th Century. Designed to cope well with high usage, and to open flat for ease of use; these robust bindings make excellent desk journals, guest books, and ledgers.

Inside, you’ll find hand-marbled Italian endpages in pastel colours, and approximately 180 pages (360 sides) of the Bindery’s 100gsm Notebook Paper. This is a smooth, bright white paper with impressive age-resistance and an excellent environmental profile. The book’s endbands are hand-sewn silk thread, in complementary shades of grey and green.

Recommended Media:

  • Pencils
  • Everyday pens, e.g. ballpoint, rollerball, gel pens.


Large: 219 x 300 x 47 mm

Additional Information:

A binding of this size is best stored horizontally, ie. flat on its back.

May not be suitable for young children: contains small parts.

Contains the following animal products: beeswax; silk; sheepskin leather.