Medium Leather Notebook, Red, “Sweet Peas”

This genuine leather notebook features environmentally-friendly paper, and an original illustration of sweet peas, drawn by hand in gold foil.

Approximately A5 in size.

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A medium notebook, hardbound in a two-tone rich red leather; and finished with a simple, hand-tooled illustration in bright gold foil. The illustration shows two single Sweet Pea stems (lathyrus odoratus) which combine to display three flowers, and several leaves and tendrils.

The book is traditionally case-bound in portrait format for comfortable use on a table or other work surface.  Additional beauty and stability is provided by hand-sewn silk endbands in complementary red, and grey.

Inside, you’ll find a satin ribbon bookmark in charcoal; beautiful Korean endpages in navy blue with a small repeating pattern of chrysanthemums in gold and white; and approximately 100 pages (200 sides) of the Bindery’s 100gsm Notebook Paper. This is a smooth, bright white paper with impressive age-resistance and an excellent environmental profile.

Recommended media:

  • Pencils
  • Everyday pens, e.g. ballpoint, rollerball, gel pens.


Medium: 213 x 155 x 25 mm

Additional Information:

This leather was particularly stiff and difficult to work with, so the corners are not up to my usual standard.  This is an aesthetic issue and shouldn’t affect the life of the book.  The endpages also have a few wrinkles.  I’ve reduced the price accordingly.

May not be suitable for young children: contains small parts.

Contains the following animal products: beeswax; silk; pigskin leather.