Small Cloth Notebook, Grey, “Graphite Forest”

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Featuring environmentally friendly paper and beautifully abstract covers, this small elegant notebook is perfect for a gift or keepsake.

Approximately A6 in size.

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Hardbound by hand in a traditional style, this small notebook features graphite coloured bookcloth in 100% cotton, finished with a starch coating to enhance & protect its linen-effect texture.  Its covers and spine are printed in monochrome with an abstract image of snowy fir trees.

The book is a case binding in the Flat Back style, which is a durable and sturdy structure that’s great for smaller books.

Inside, you’ll find beautiful handmade endpages in deep brown with a small repeating floral pattern in silver; and 96 pages (192 sides) of the Bindery’s 100gsm Notebook Paper. This is a smooth, bright white paper with impressive age-resistance and an excellent environmental profile.

The book is finished with hand sewn silk endbands in black and grey, and polished synthetic graphite page edges.

Recommended Media:

  • Everyday pens, e.g. ballpoint, rollerball, gel pens.
  • Pencils


Small: 153 x 108 x 20 mm (Approximately A6)

Additional Information:

This notebook was made as a creative prototype.  The graphite edges are imperfect, although still attractive; and the cover print is not guaranteed to be impervious to wear.  I’ve significantly reduced the book’s price to account for both its flaws, and its experimental nature.

May not be suitable for young children.
Contains the following animal products: beeswax; gelatine, silk.