‘Beautiful Beetles’ Guest Book

Commissioned for a beetle expert’s wedding day, this case bound guestbook was one of my first bindings to include multiple inset designs.  The freely-drawn, but accurate, illustrations were cut from a beautiful printed cotton by Julie’s Fabrics.



I made this guestbook with 96 pages of the Bindery’s 150gsm Drawing Cartridge, hardbound with double-thickness boards in a stunning Irish linen buckram.  On the front cover, I added three separately-inset illustrations by Julie Carpentier.  These are black line drawings with background splashes of orange, green, and yellow, printed onto white cotton.  Each shows a different beetle:

  • Tiger Beetle: cicindela nitida;
  • Man-faced Beetle: catacanthus incarnatus;
  • Colorado Potato Beetle (in French, on the fabric: “doryphore”): leptinotarsa decemlineata.

The largest (central) inset was hand-embellished above and below, with gold-coloured foil flourishes.

For the bookmark, I chose a bold orange satin ribbon to complement the illustrations; and added my usual silvery bumblebee charm on the free end.