Custom Leather Wedding Book & Gift Box

Commissioned for a late-Winter wedding, this leather-bound sketchbook and gift box were a delight to work on.  Featuring sustainable paper, genuine leather, and themes of love and nature.



Designed to showcase the client’s keen eye for colour and her chosen design elements, this gift set was created with elegance, love, and nature, in mind.

The book is hand-bound in genuine forest green leather with beautiful “Golden Leaves” endpapers from the Netherlands, and subtle touches of smoky grey in the handsewn endbands and satin bookmark.  On the cover, a single golden stag stands above the wedding date, both applied by hand in a cool gold foil.  The gift box, made with matching leather and paper, is also adorned in gold with poetic verses from The Bible’s ‘Song of Songs’ that emphasise the themes of love and nature.


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