Thai Silk Writer’s Journal

Made for a friend, this book contained approximately 160 A5 pages of crisp white paper, and was bound in Anne Goy’s Crisscross style with natural white waxed linen, and silver-coloured eyelets.



The beautiful fabric on this book was one of the last remaining remnants taken from what used to be a long, wraparound skirt.  It’s a delicate, slightly shimmery, Thai acrylic silk with a slightly crushed texture.
The colour fades from a deep red at the top, to a burnished orange.  The bottom third has a white printed floral design overlaid, with the occasional tiny motif floating above.

If I recall correctly, this book had handmade white endpages with a silver floral flourish pattern, but no bookmark.

I made this for a friend who’s creative in several different ways, so I imagine it’s now full of her glorious writing, some poems, and maybe even the notes for her acting rehearsals or music classes!