Medium Cloth Notebook, “Seascapes”


Featuring environmentally-friendly paper and decorative external stitching, these Simple Notebooks are attractive, but sturdy – perfect for using whilst you’re on the go.

Approximately A5 size, in a choice of three colourways.



Hardbound with a reinforced spine, these simply bound notebooks feature 100% cotton bookcloth finished with a starch coating to enhance & protect its linen-effect texture.

The books are designed as a modified Chinese Stitched Binding – a style that’s been in use since at least as early the 14th century. Prized for their decorative nature, books of this type will sit open comfortably in the hand, making them a great choice for taking notes on the move.

Landscape in format, each of these notebooks is bound on the short edge with 4-ply linen yarn. The yarn passes through five sewing holes, each of which has a set of either coloured, or metallic, eyelets. This external stitching combines with hinges on both the front and back covers, for notebooks that are both flexible, and extremely sturdy.

Inside each book, you’ll find a satin ribbon bookmark with a small, silver-coloured bumblebee charm on the free end; beautiful endpages in natural white with a small repeating silver pattern of floral flourishes; and approximately 96 pages (192 sides) of the Bindery’s 100gsm Notebook Paper. This is a smooth, bright white paper with impressive age-resistance and an excellent environmental profile.

Recommended media:

  • Pencils
  • Everyday pens, e.g. ballpoint, rollerball, gel pens.


  • Medium: 210 x 144 x 20 mm (approximately A5)

Colour Options:

  • Lichens
    Sage-green bookcloth with dark brown yarn (waxed), a green bookmark, and a combination of orange and silver-coloured eyelets.
  • Coastal Sky
    Neutral grey bookcloth with white yarn, a pale blue bookmark, and a combination of pale blue and silver-coloured eyelets.
  • Haar
  • Pale grey bookcloth with black yarn (waxed), a charcoal bookmark, and a combination of black and silver-coloured eyelets.
  • “Summer Shore”
    Pale green bookcloth with natural brown yarn, a complementary green bookmark, and a combination of green and copper-coloured eyelets.

Additional Information:

May not be suitable for young children: contains small parts.

Two of the colourways – “Lichens” and “Haar” – contain the following animal products: beeswax.

Size given is for the entire book. Due to the nature of this binding style, usable page area is reduced in width by approximately 30 mm.